Did you ever try Sizzling Scorpions pokies, if no then go and play it? You will find it very good; it is a three reel and single payline poker machine, created by the microgaming. This event is based on the desert theme. It has many new and excited features like auto play and many bonus offers, that you will really like it along with this sonic boom pokies, thousand islands or spectacular WOW.

When you will go through with this game you will feel like you are at deserts and playing real. There are so many symbols which you can match on this slot are one bar, vulture, two bar, three bar, 7’s and the suns. But when you will hit the scorpions then you will get the jackpot with big amount. Basically it is a three coin betting machine with no deposit bonus which is very rare found in casinos. If you want to win the bonus mode then you will have to play with 3 coin wager. You will make max bet on any spin then you will be able to unlock the highest jackpot.

The theme, the graphics and the interface of this slot are really amazing and the soundtrack when you will play it, it was really pleasing. It gives you the many free chance to increase your winning possibilities. Most of people did not know that the microgaming company is the oldest one which made these games for the gamblers which they can play and win it.

In the last all I can say that I would highly recommend you to play this fruit machine which will give you fair chance to win jackpots and bigger prizes.