2 years ago when I traveled to Australia I played these fruit slots that are pretty famous there. And I couldn’t really describe the joy of playing these simple yet interesting classic slot machines.  I still remember in the early days of these fruit machines in United States.

When the people were getting fond of chewing gums, candies and artificial flavors that is where the idea of this theme arrived and the online casino companies turned this into people’s interest.  And to increase the consumption of fruits and all over the junk food most of the agro companies started to explore many ways of promoting this amazing idea.

And today I’ll be talking about one of this famous slot that can really be you’re most favorite if you adore the fruits more than anything. Yes the name of the pokie that I am talking about is Froot Loot. It is a 3 reel, single pay line poker machine that is being crafted by Micro gaming. As the name also suggest, this machine features a fruit theme, with all types of fruits being found on the reels.

Being a fruit lover, I also took the privilege of playing this juicy poker machine and it really felt up to my expectations.  The adventure and excitement I had playing this slot on my android phone was really indescribable. The sound and the graphics, while playing on the local machine was amazing , I would certainly try the paid credits version of the game next time to win real money as well.